Abstract guidelines

In the abstract submission page three different types of abstracts can be submitted. The body of each of the three types of abstracts is limited to 350 words. Each abstract will be reviewed by the scientific committee. 

1. Symposium abstracts
    Symposium organizers have to submit the abstract of the symposium and the names and titles of the four contributions in the

2. Symposium contribution abstracts
    Presenters of individual contributions of a symposium can submit their abstract here. There is room to indicate the name of the
    symposium organizer and the title of the  symposium to which this contribution belongs.

3. Non-symposium abstracts
     This abstract type is for free topics (i.e. not part of a symposium), either as oral or poster presentations. Please, indicate a
     preference for an oral or a poster presentation. The scientific committee might accept a submission for a poster presentation even
     when the preference was for an oral presentation. Specific slots in the program will be allotted to posters. 
Each slot for the oral presentation is planned for a duration of 15 minutes (including discussion). For the symposia some additional time (aproximately 10 minutes) will be reserverd in the program for overarching discussion.

More information about the submissions:
Abstract/symposium submission
During the submission you will be guided through five steps:
1. Abstract overview
On this page you can create a new abstract (symposium). Also you will find your draft(s) and submitted abstract(s) here.
2. Abstract data
This page is divided in two parts. First the presenter role, abstract title and text are required. Symposium organizers are asked to submit a 'Symposium definition' here. Second, if you are a symposium organizer you have to mention the presenting authors and titles of the abstracts belonging to the symposium. If you are a symposium presenter and your abstract belongs to a symposium, you have to mention the symposium title and organizer (so we can make sure your abstract is connected to the right symposium). If you are a non-symposium presenter you have to select if you want to receive an invitation for submitting a contribution to the ICPA poster book, if your submission is accepted for a poster presentation.
3. Authors and co-authors
Personal data is requested and on the same page you can select the presenting author. The main author is automatically selected as presenthing author, you can adjust this to one of the co-authors by clicking on the pencil. For the symposium definition, the main author is in this case the symposium organizer.
4. Submission
The summary of your abstract data (symposium data) is provided. After checking the information you can finish the abstract submission and the abstract is sent to the scientific committee.
5. Procedure after your submission
Here you will find the important deadlines that are mentioned on this website as well.

Posters at ICPA have traditionally been published in the ICPA Posterbook, which is part of the series Studies in Perception and Action. This book includes four-page abstracts of the posters. We will also offer this opportunity, in a two-step process. First, regular 350-words abstracts for poster presentations can be submitted, and will be evaluated for inclusion in the program. When accepted for a poster presentation, presenters can opt to write a four-page extended abstract for inclusion in the Posterbook (please indicate whether or not you wish to receive the invitation to submit the extended abstract for the Posterbook).